Apple Rumored to be Working with Hitachi Displays for Advanced Projection-type Capacitive Touch Panels

Written By Sam on 10 November 2010

The next generation of Apple’s iPhone might be taking a big leap into the technology of the touch screen. Adding to rumored features like the iOS 5 which will be running on the iPhone 5, the device is expected to support ‘real world multi-player games’. And there is huge speculation about Apple having got its hands on a new kind of projection display.

As per a report in Nikkei Business Publications, Apple is working with Japan’s Hitachi Displays and the company has developed advanced projection-type capacitive touch panels that allow detection or sense insulators like plastics and cloth.

Remember how you always had to remove your glove to use your iPhone because it wouldn’t take touch commands through the fabric. This might not be a problem in the iPhone 5. Currently, the projection displays in most devices are restrictive and detect only a few objects. But with the new projection panels, it is expected to be possible to write, type, draw or use other functions on the iPhone while wearing a glove or while using a plastic tipped object. Plus the device is likely to have the same power consumption levels that other projection type panels have.

Reports suggest these new panels will come in sizes ranging from 3 to 10 inches which pretty much includes the size specifications of Apple’s iOS based devices. Hopefully for Apple enthusiasts, this technology will see the light of day with the 2011 iOS.

via Patently Apple

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