iPhone 5 Complete Rumors – NFC Technology, A5 Processor, 1GB RAM, Cloud Storage, Redesigned Antenna, New Shape, Wider Screen and Aluminum Back

Written By Sam on 10 April 2011

Though Apple has not announced its next gen smartphone – iPhone 5, it is the most discussed topic worldwide and there are many speculations about its built and features already in the market. Let us see the most heard rumors and predictions about iPhone 5 handset and what would probably be in store for us in this new smartphone.

As per the speculations, iPhone 5 comes with stylish design which is embraced with a wide range of in-built features and smart technologies. Rumors about this most awaited handset include the launch date of the handset, which was estimated to be scheduled for the fall rather than summer, as Apple hinted that its June conference would focus on software instead of any new release.

Apple iPhone 5 is also rumored to feature new NFC technology that would enable mobile payments at a single click possible. Techies worldwide reported that iPhone 5 might come with this e-wallet technology, whilst few of them denied the same. iPhone 5 is also speculated for its redesigned antenna, new shape, wider screen and a sturdier aluminum back. It was also forecasted that Apple is working on a smaller, cheaper version of iPhone, called iPhone Nano, which would be about half the size of the iPhone 4.

We also got to hear that the iPhone 5 would support 4G and the handset might turn out to be the first 4G iDevice as well. However, there’s no strong evidence for this rumor to be true as MobileCrunch isn’t convinced about the gen-next iPhone to have this feature, and even if does it would not cause much impact with existing Verizon’s 4G footprint and AT&T’s 4G networks.

Other striking speculations about the handset included Cloud Storage support, a faster processor and capabilities to capture as well as view glasses-few 3D media. According to Times, through cloud storage Apple is actively building a more versatile version of its MobileMe service, that lets users to store music, photos and files online and access them on all their devices. iPhone 5 is also rumored to feature the A5 chip that was implemented for Apple’s iPad 2 and also to have multiple cameras for providing 3D picture capability.

In order to see how these rumors turn out, we have to wait until Apple officially launches its next-generation iPhone 5. So, let’s wait and desire that the anticipated day comes soon!

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