– Google Play Public Reviews Now Use Google+ Profile ID

Written By Sam on 28 November 2012

Google has recently updated the comment system on YouTube and allowed users to use their Google+ Profile ID in place of generic YouTube ID to appear next to their comments. In a similar move, seeking to improve the quality of reviews on its Play Store, Google now requires users to post reviews of apps and games using their Google + account. Reviews users write will be posted publicly using their Google+ name and picture. Once users leave a review on Google Play, users will see it at the top of other reviews with your Google+ ID next to it. Reviews posted by users before the switch will appear as “A Google User”.

Google not only changed the output of the review content but they changed the interface at the time of review creation to have users select from the descriptive phrases as well. Google’s new requirement mirrors its approach on YouTube, which has seen the search giant try to remove the veil of anonymity by asking users to connect their existing YouTube accounts with their Google Plus profile to promote their personal brand. Google looks like it will end up making this a requirement on both Android devices and the web.

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