Free Microsoft Windows Blue

Written By Sam on 2 December 2012

Microsoft is reportedly shifting to yearly updates for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. It was planned and codename given as “Blue”. Much of the report was speculation although sources claimed it would be released in the summer of 2013. A new report regarding Windows Blue claims that the “Blue” reference is actually the company’s code name for a plan to standardize regular yearly updates to consumers of both Windows and Windows Phone platforms. It will comprise significant UI changes, most likely supposed to address the controversial Windows 8 features.

According to the report, Microsoft will offer the next release at an extremely low price point or even free operating system. It ensures that all Microsoft customers upgrade to the latest Windows platform. Once the new platforms are launched, the SDK’s will be updated and Microsoft will cease accepting apps developed for the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 platforms. Sources said that customers naturally need a legitimate version of Windows to upgrade to the 2013 release. Those updating from a pirated copy will their apps and the Windows Store itself case functioning. Windows Blue would be also be the first product to kick off a yearly update schedule for Microsoft.

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