Download Angry Birds For Windows Phone 7 Smartphones

Written By Sam on 1 July 2011

Most popular game of Rovio, Angry Birds is now available for Windows Phone 7 smartphones. This most popular game which sold millions of copies for iOS platform wasn’t available for Windows Phone 7 until date, but the wait has come to an end as Rovio released Windows Phone 7 version. Windows Phone 7 users can now rejoice Angry Birds on their smartphones and enjoy addictive and comical gameplay.

Expected to release on Feburary, Angry Birds Windows Phone 7 version was delayed due to legal dispute with Microsoft, who published the Angry Birds icon on its website without Rovio’s permission. Windows Phone 7 was released last year by Microsoft and it considered to be more attractive attractive platform of Microsoft for Mobile.

Angry Birds was first introduced in December 2009 on iOS App Store and later extended to other platforms like Android, Symbian, Windows, Mac and even the browser. Concept of Angry Birds involves colorful birds attacking evil green pigs in various levels using various strategies. There were many special editions released with different themes like Angry Birds Halloween, Angry Birds Rio based on movie Rio which included a special Eagle bird interested many gamers. Creating a causal gaming atmosphere, Angry Birds is the most downloaded game in all the platforms.

Playing Angry Birds on Windows Phone 7, the first truly multi-touch-Windows-based OS will certainly be an enticing experience. Angry Birds is now available in Microsoft’s App Marketplace and Windows Phone 7 users can download it for a price of $2.99.

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