Apollo Plus – Microsoft’s Next Update To Windows Phone 8

Written By Sam on 28 November 2012

Microsoft is working on an OTA updated called “Apollo +”. The update will address some bugs and add some new features. The Verge subsequently posted the codename of Windows Phone OS 8’s follow on would be “Apollo Plus”. The update could include other features like VPN support, a Wi-Fi connectivity fix and audio improvements. Apollo + is not a major update. VPN support is an interesting one, where it allows corporate users to connect to work systems. Microsoft has decided instead to rely on things like Secure SSL to address this need, they considered Secure SSL a better light weight approach to provide a new kind of functionality in the new BYOD (bring your own device) world.

Windows Phone 8 “Apollo Plus” is expected to be detailed at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February. Once Windows Phone 8 users update to Apollo Plus, they should not be required to plug their device into a PC. Over the air updates are supposed to be part of the package. Apollo Plus also delivers a Wi-Fi connection fix to let connection always remain on, according to the unnamed sources cited by The Verge.

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