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Written By Sam on 30 November 2012

Microsoft account is a single sign-on web service developed and provided by Microsoft. Microsoft account, https://account.live.com is the new name for what used to be called a “Windows Live ID”. Users can login to their Microsoft account at http://login.live.com/ and it allows them to sign in to websites that support this service using a single set of credentials. Users are able to use their own valid e-mail address to sign up for a Microsoft account. The service turns the requesting user’s email address into a Microsoft account. Users may also choose a password of own choice. To sign in to a Microsoft web service, go to the Microsoft account sign-in-page or any Microsoft website you want to sign in to. Enter your email address and password. Users can also sign up for an e-mail account, http://mail.live.com with Microsoft’s webmail services designated domains that can be used as a Microsoft account to sign in to other Microsoft account enabled websites.

Microsoft account is the website for users to manage their identity. Features of a Microsoft account include, updating user settings, such as preferred language or preferences for email communications, to close the account, view billing details associated with the account, changing or resetting passwords, updating users information such as first and last names, address, etc., associated with the account, link multiple Microsoft account ID’s together. Your Microsoft profile at https://profile.live.com/ contains personal and work information that you would like to share with your friends. You can also connect services like Facebook, LinkedIn, Flicker, and Twitter to your profile. To change your profile, go to the profile page, you need to sign in with your Microsoft account username and password. You can edit or add to change information, and save after making changes.

You can have multiple Microsoft Store accounts if you sign in with different Microsoft credentials, but information is not shared across accounts. If you sign with one email address, that information is not available to you if sign out and sign in with a different email address. You can change notifications for friend requests, comments, or photo tagging. You can choose how you want to be notified when people ask to be your friend, leave you comments, tag in photos and more. To change notifications go to settings page, choose manage email preferences or manage marketing preferences and update your information.

Microsoft uses Microsoft SmartScreen technology to help you avoid potentially harmful websites. When you click a link in a Microsoft program, SmartScreen automatically checks the reputation of the website and lets you know if it might be unsafe. If the reputation of the website is uncertain, which can happen if it’s new or doesn’t get many visitors, SmartScreen notifies you and lets you decide whether to continue.

Microsoft account also helps in connecting your account to other services. You can also connect to their services from the people web service. You can get to and share your photos, documents, other files from places like SkyDrive, Facebook and Flicker. Your friends contact information and status automatically stay up to date from places like Hotmail, Outlook, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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