Google Chrome OS Browser Build 28902 Leaked on the Internet

Written By Sam on 15 October 2009

After the Mac OS X Snow Leopard leak, it’s now time for the Google Chrome OS Browser to be leaked on the Internet. Flecks from a former development milestone of the Google Chrome OS have been leaked out and are presently accessible on the Internet for download. You cannot get fully fledged open-source platform Google Chrome OS, but sort of the Google Chrome OS Browser.


Do you know? Chrome OS Browser is an open source, light in weight operating system which is built around the popular Chrome Browser and is specially designed to run on notebooks. In particular, you must have Linux in order to install Google Chrome OS Browser version and to test drive it. Google Chrome OS Browser v4.0.222.6 was not the complete operating system from search giant, it’s just the default browser. On the other hand, a speedy look at the graphical user interface suggests that the Linux-based Google Chrome OS will act as the emphasizing structural design for the Google Chrome OS Browser shell. Google Chrome OS Browser features a title bar which has range of information including battery power data and time. The informative browser window acts as the main GUI window which allows the end users to interact with the OS itself.

Download Google Chrome OS Browser Build 28902

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