Google Chrome 2.0 With Improved Speed, Full Screen Mode & Form Autofill

Written By Sam on 22 May 2009

Google is doing pretty good job after the release of their browser, Google Chrome. The current market share of Chrome shows us how well it is working. Google has released Google Chrome v2.0 with improved support for JavaScript and many additional features. Google says that Chrome 2.0 loads JavaScript-heavy web pages 30% faster than the older versions.


Additional features that are added to Google Chrome 2

Improved New Tab Page: You can now remove thumbnails from the Most Visited section. Just click “Remove thumbnails” link below the thumbnails and then the X icon to remove a site’s thumbnail.

Full Screen Mode: Full Screen Mode in Google Chrome will hide the title bar and the rest of the browser window. You can enter the full screen mode by hitting F11 or selecting the option from the Tools menu.

Form Autofill: Form Autofill helps you by showing information which was previously entered by you into the same form fields automatically. You can clear out the information whenever you want and it can be done easily from the Tools menu.

Google Chrome 2 is really stable as there were more than 300 bug fixes. One more thing is that Google Chrome is now available in 50 languages. For already existing users, Google Chrome will be automatically updated with these new Features. And the New users can enjoy these features by downloading Version 2.0 of Google Chrome.

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