Apple and LG Go To Trial in Alcatel-Lucent Patent

Written By Sam on 28 November 2012

Apple and LG Electronics are facing trials over patent infringement claims from Alcatel-Lucent. Apple and LG are due in court this week to defend against charges from Alcatel-Lucent subsidiary Multimedia Patent Trust that they have infringed its video patents. The claims, filed in 2010, accuse Apple and LG of copying video- compression patents in Apple’s iPod, iPhone, iPad, and MacBook, as well as LG’s Chocolate Touch VX8575 and other devices. But it’s also spent its fair share of time on the defendant side as well, and is currently being sued over a number of patent infringement claims.

Alcatel-Lucent said it seeks a “reasonable royalty” for the patents that it claims are infringed by the aforementioned Apple devices along with LG’s Chocolate touch VX8575, Bliss UX700, Touch AX8575, Lotus Elite LX610, Mystique UN610 and Samba LG8575 handsets. The firm claims that Apple’s devices infringe three of its patents and that LG’s devices infringe two patents. Alcatel-Lucent came up with a figure of $195.9m from Apple and $9.1m from LG. Both Apple and LG have denied Alcatel-Lucent’s patent infringement claims. The firm said it expects to make money from its vast patent portfolio.

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