Apple Fires Maps Manager After Flaws Hurt iPhone 5

Written By Sam on 29 November 2012

Apple has fired a manager who oversaw its mobile mapping service iOS 6, continuing to clean house after a bad stumble. Richard Williamson, who managed the team that developed the application, was fired by Senior Vice President Eddy Cue, who recently took over Maps and Siri services following a major executive shake up, according to a November 27 report in Bloomberg. Cue is reportedly now looking to install a new leadership team for the Maps group, while also seeking advice from outside mapping experts and working with digital map company Tom Tom to fix navigation information and other data it provides to Apple.

Apple has been quick to own up to the app’s problems, which include poor directions, mislabeled landmarks, lack of information on public transportation and widely inaccurate images. Apple officials hoped that it would replace Google’s Maps app on Apple devices, but the Apple software was found to be faulty and it was quickly criticized by reviewers and users alike. Apple had been using Google’s mapping service in its mobile software, but in an update released in September it replaced its own. Push back from the public was so bad that Apple issued a written apology signed by CEO Tim Cook.

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