Metro VLC For Windows 8

Written By Sam on 2 December 2012

The team behind popular media player VLC have launched a Kickstar campaign to raise funds for creating new Windows 8 and RT versions of the program. Currently VLC runs in the desktop mode of Windows 8 without any issues, but several members behind the project are hoping to create a new version that will use Metro- style of the new operating system. VideoLAN makers of the very popular, free and open source media player VLC, are looking for backing on Kickstar to bring a native version of the app to Windows 8.

The app will users to play all kinds of files, just like the original VLC application, and it also supports the playback of DVDs, VCDs and unencrypted Blu- Rays. The company says all features from current releases will be retained in the Windows 8 version, including support for subtitles, video filters, and equalizer. According to the VideoLAN team, VLC media player is installed on over 100,000,000 mac’s across the world. The project supports Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and more. Instead of having a program that forces the user to Desktop Mode to use VLC, the goal is to release a native windows 8 app.

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