Pokki Free Windows 8 Start Menu

Written By Sam on 2 December 2012

There is the ultimate Start menu for Windows 8. Users not only able to get the start menu back in Windows 8, but also to use various start menu skins in Windows 8. There are also extra features for the Windows 8 start menu available and it can be downloaded for free. Pokki’s functionality does not stop at that of an application launcher because it also offers the possibility to download and install HTML5 apps on the system. And everything is managed in the same interface. It installs as a Start button in Windows 8, but it brings to the table additional benefits as well.

Pokki for Windows 8 joins a growing list of Windows 8 Start menu utilities. Users can download the free utility. Once installed, pokki for Windows 8 works like other Start menu buttons. No restart is required after installation and users will see Pokki immediately taking position in the bottom left hand corner of the desktop. Pokki features all the elements of the Start menu in Windows 7 but the layout is different as the list of recently used programs. It has the option of using favorite applications, notification banner, search bar, additional functionality is configuration panel.

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