Download Fennec Alpha For Android Mobiles and Nokia N900

Written By Sam on 28 August 2010

Mozilla Firefox is one of the widely used browser on Desktops and now the Mozilla team is bringing their expertise to the Mobiles by releasing Fennec (codename for Firefox mobile) for both Android Phones and Nokia N900. Fennec brings Firefox experience to mobile devices with support for add-ons also.

Fennec Alpha creates a rich Web experience between desktop and mobile devices by providing Firefox Sync built-in into the browser, which provides seamless access to Awesome Bar browsing history, bookmarks, passwords, form-fill data and open tabs. This current release mainly focused on increasing performance and responsiveness to the user actions. This is being implemented using two major technologies, “Electrolysis” and “Layers.” This Alpha release of Fennec includes Electrolysis, which allows the browser interface to run in a separate process from the one rendering Web content. By doing this, Fennec will be able to react much faster to user inputs while pages are loading or CPU intensive JavaScript is running. The upcoming beta release will start taking advantage of Layers to greatly improve performance in graphic intensive actions like scrolling, zooming, animations and video.

What’s new in Fennec Alpha for Android and Nokia N900

Get Up and Go

Shipping with the Firefox Sync feature built-in, Fennec synchronizes your Firefox history, bookmarks, open tabs, passwords and form data between your desktop and mobile. Just login with your Firefox Sync account info and Fennec gets to know you right away, taking you to your favorite parts of the Web with barely any typing. Don’t worry about switching to a new phone, or having to type long URLs or passwords again. You can even leave your desktop in a moment’s notice and pick up right where you left off on your mobile phone.


Fennec is the world’s first mobile Web browser to support add-ons; pieces of software that let you change or add features, functionality and the look of your Fennec to fit your browsing lifestyle. You can search for and install add-ons directly to your Android phone or Nokia N900 from the Add-ons Manager located in your browser tools.

Personalized Start Page

The Start Page gives you a snapshot of your online life while you’ve been away. Pick up where you left off with instant access to your Firefox desktop data, the tabs you had open last time you were browsing on your phone, and get suggestions for useful add-ons. Comign soon: See alerts of recent activity from your email accounts and your favorite social media sites!

Awesome Screen

The Awesome Screen pops up just by tapping on the Awesome Bar (location bar). It gets to know you and instantly brings up a smart list of your favourite history items and bookmarks and lets you easily select a search engine for your desired search. You can also customize your search engine list for maximum efficiency.

Touch Friendly UI

Swipe to the left or right of your screen to access your tabs, browser controls and tools, which are stowed out of the way while you browse the Web. Typing on a phone is hard, that’s why you can bookmark a site with one tap, view tabs as thumbnails to easily see and open the page you want, and use the Awesome Screen to get to where you want to go in just a few a keystrokes.


Responsiveness is one of the major focuses for this release. We’ve redesigned Gecko to allow us to run the UI in a separate process from the web content which enables us to react much faster to user actions like scrolling and zooming.

More personalized than ever before, Fennec is packed with your favorite features and great improvements. Other highlights include:

  • Pinch-to-zoom (Android), double-tap, or use the volume rocker (Nokia N900) to zoom in and out
  • Tabbed browsing in thumbnail view lets you easily see and open the site you want
  • Location-Aware Browsing gives you content and info relevant to your location
  • Save to PDF in the Site Menu lets you capture important content, like driving directions or a boarding pass, to view offline
  • Find in Page in the Site Menu lets you quickly find text on the webpage
  • Share Page in the Site Menu lets you send content to email, Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader
  • Forget Password in the Site Menu tells a website you no longer trust to forget your private data
  • Add Search Engine in the Site Menu lets you quickly add a new search engine to your Awesome Screen
  • Context Menu lets you Open in New Tab and Share by long tapping and holding a link
  • Smart Tapping lets you tap on links, widgets and other Web content with accuracy
  • Password Manager lets you choose to remember site password to avoid typing

Download Fennec Alpha For Android Phones and Nokia N900

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