Frustrated Apple Seeks Federal Government Help to Stop iPhone Jailbreaks

Written By Sam on 17 January 2011

The cat and mouse game between Apple and developers coming out with jailbreaks no sooner the former announces an upgraded iOS has got a new twist.

Apple has been constantly working on upgrades to its iOS to stop jailbreaking and unlocking of its devices, especially the iPhones. So far developers seem to be finding no problem handling whatever Apple comes up with. Users are a happy lot with jailbreaks easy for most iPhones, even if in a tethered mode.

It may be a sign of how frustrated Apple is that the company has now officially approached the federal government help to stop hackers from jailbreaking the iPhone, if reports from NBC are to be believed. The Apple action follows in the wake of Sony’s action against Geohot for jailbreaking the Playstation 3.

The government’s stand on jailbreaking and unlocking so far is that it is not illegal if not used for piracy purposes according to the new DMCA regulations. This has come as a big blow for Apple but is good news for jailbreakers. However, Apple is of the opinion that jailbreakers use unauthorized modification to copyrighted bootloader and operating system, which is an infringement of the copyrights of those programs.

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