Patent Report Hints Apple Testing Capacitive Touch Buttons on MacBook Lids to Control a Closed MacBook

Written By Sam on 27 February 2011

Rumors indicate that Apple is considering Capacitive Touch buttons for its future MacBooks and this might turn out to be true too. As per the information from U.S Patent and Trademark office, a patent application was filed by Apple that shows touch-sensitive, disappearing buttons on the exterior of a MacBook. These Capacitive buttons will be placed on the lids of these MacBooks that would enable users to provide ability to control applications whilst the notebook is closed.

As per the patent application of Apple, as conventional capacitive sensing devices require non-conductive material, like the glass found on an iPhone or iPad, these external capacitive touch buttons are feasible to be mounted on top of their surfaces. These buttons will likely disappear into invisible holes and make themselves selectively visible,similar to the indicator light for use of a FaceTime camera on a MacBook Pro. These could also be used as indicators that display information about the device like Signal strength, Battery level and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Sources also say that these buttons might have proximity sensor or a capacitive touch sensor, that lets users control elements of the notebook even with its lid closed. The patent also projects that the buttons might be used to start or shut down the computer.

via AppleInsider

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