Google chrome beta Released with Sync Feature and Many Improvements

Written By Sam on 3 November 2009

Google Chrome, a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology is blazingly fast and the quickest browser available. With many speed improvements and additional features, a better-tested beta version of Google Chrome for Windows has been released on Monday; However, Mac OS X and Linux users must wait for this beta build.

Latest Google Chrome beta version for the first time implements the “Google Chrome bookmark sync” feature, introduced by Google in August for the developer preview version. This bookmark sync feature keeps your bookmarks the same even you are using multiple machines. Using this feature users can keep the Google Chrome bookmarks synchronized and keep them up-to-date across multiple computers they use, without the need of manually re-creating them every time they use a different computer.


Once the users have activated the Google chrome bookmark sync feature, any changes made for the bookmarks in one computer will automatically reflect on all synced computers in just few seconds. This beta version also comes with many bug fixes and some Extensions disabled until the final API changes arrived.

Though the new sync process is so instantaneous it would have been a lot more magical if they synchronized Chrome bookmarks with the Google bookmarks service, linked with iGoogle and the Google Toolbar.

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