Google Adds ‘Conversation Mode’ to its Translate for Android Service

Written By Sam on 14 January 2011

Google is looking to improve on its Google Translate for Android service. To this effect, it has put into practice an early version of a special feature, Conversation Mode, for the translation app. This will allow users audio translation capability from one language to another.

The feature is being added to Google Translate for Android. It currently works only for English and Spanish. Considering it is not a fully-baked version, it is likely that regional dialects and similar factors may render the app ineffective.

The search giant has started offering this feature on an experimental basis. We may recall the company first spoke about this feature in September last year. With this news, reports are also flowing in that Google is also looking to spruce up the overall interface of the translation app.

The app supports text translation support for 53 languages, and voice input capability for 15 languages.

Download the app, available for devices running Android 2.1 and above, by searching for ‘Google Translate’ in Android Market or by scanning the QR Code below:

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