Google Translate App for iPhone With Text-to-Speech Translation and Speak to Translate

Written By Sam on 9 February 2011

Much awaited iOS version of Google Translator application is now available as Google officially announced Google Translator for iPhone and it is currently available for download from Apple AppStore world-wide. Possessing Text-to-Speech feature Google Translator is a free application that is capable of recording information through text as well as speech.

Google Translator contains all the features of the web app along with many significant additions to the improvise user experience. Capable of translating over 50 languages through text-based input and 15 when speaking through microphone, Google Translator application reads translated sentences in 23 different languages aloud using a synthesized voice as well.

Features of Google Translator include a translated text box that supports impressively large font and tap to expand icons with capabilities to view in full screen while in landscape mode. Including abilities to add favorites for quick access, to view translation history when offline, Google Translator also has a dictionary that displays alternate phrases for the sentences translated. Overall, this is a fantabulous application that is a must for all the people who travel around. You can download this application from Apple AppStore, however this app works only for iPhones and iPod Touches with iOS version 3 or later.

Download Google Translate iPhone App [iTunes Link]

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