It’s Finally Official: Apple Finally Brings Google Voice App to iPhone

Written By Sam on 17 November 2010

Apple has finally brought the Google Voice application to the iPhone. After having to cut some slack in the rules and regulations for the kind of applications that could be available through the App Store, there are a number of developers, including Google, who have taken the opportunity to resubmit their applications. This has resulted in some receiving immediate acceptance to be featured on the App Store.    

For Google Voice, it has taken one long year to finally figure on the App Store after having submitted its request for approval and be available for download on the iPhone.

Also, this version of the Google Voice application will be the one that was created for the iOS as against the HTML5 application that was primarily for the web and was created while the iOS version awaited its approval.

The Google Voice application has the following features to offer:

  • Straightforward interface for ease of use and quick and efficient dialing.
  • Outbound dialing feature that saves the user the time of waiting for an incoming call to ring their iPhone.
  • International calls will be possible at cheaper rates with free texting to US numbers.
  • Push notifications to provide alerts when new messages or voicemail are received.
  • Most calls connect through the Direct Access Numbers which makes calling as quick as regular phone calls.
  • The inbox contains all voicemail, SMS, call registers and recorded calls in a neat and organized list.

The only issue seems to be the Google Voice web applications and the iPhone optimized website – which prevented quick dialing or messaging due to the Safari based interface which involved scrolling and had delayed responses.

Download Google Voice App [iTunes Link]

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