Read All the Mails Written in Other Languages With Gmail Message Translation

Written By Sam on 20 May 2009

Google has provided a lot of services like Gmail, Google Docs, Google earth, Google Chrome etc under one roof. In the last couple of months the Gmail team had introduced many features which are really helpful to many users. Now Gmail labs has added a new feature that is web-based language translator which translates messages written in other languages. So you don’t have to manually translate a message sent to you by a friend in German.


As this is a Labs feature, you can get started by clicking on “Settings” within Gmail, then select the tab “labs” and enable “Message Translation”. These instructions can be followed by Standard Edition Users. Where as the Premier and Education users will need their domain admins to enable Gmail Labs from the Google Apps admin control panel.

You can then click on “Translate message to: English” to translate any message written in other languages. So now every person can write mails in his native language and the recipients can translate the messages to their respective native languages. Though this feature might be useful to get the gist of the mail but machine translations are not yet fully correct.

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