Microsoft Translator Adds “Language Autodetect” & “Any-to-Any Translation” Features

Written By Sam on 28 May 2009

Though Microsoft was not able to give a competition to Google in the search engine and other areas they were at least trying their best to implement features late after Google had implemented them. Coming to the point, Microsoft has added “Any-to-Any Translation” and “Language Autodetect” features to Microsoft Translator.


With the new Any-to-Any Translation feature, Microsoft Translator users will be able to translate text and web pages between many languages. You can also use the Microsoft Translator webpage widget to bring real-time, in-place translations to your web site. The other feature that was added is the “language auto-detect”. With this, Microsoft Translator will make Auto-Detect as the default selection for the first language in the selection menu and English for the second. This option will be very useful when you do not know the original language.

Using Microsoft Translator

Translation Bot for Windows Live Messenger – Simply add to your contacts and invite Tbot to your conversations.

Translation Accelerator for Internet Explorer 8 – Try the Translation Accelerator with Internet Explorer 8 to easily translate webpages and text.

Translator Widget for websites – Webmasters can deliver their site in multiple languages without sending users to a separate translation site.

Webpage Add-in – You can use the webpage add-in to let your users see your site in multiple languages on

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