Get Google Wave Notifications in Firefox With Google Wave Firefox Add-on

Written By Sam on 14 October 2009

These days there are many articles, tweets and blog posts on Google Wave. Many users are enjoying the new features and interface of Google Wave. But there are yet some users who are looking for a Google Wave Invite. If you have already got a Google Wave invite and are using it extensively then you will find the Google Wave Add-on for Firefox to be very useful.


Google Wave Add-on for Firefox is the first add-on related to Google Wave. This Google Wave Notifier just sits on the bottom right of Firefox and notifies you about new waves in your inbox. Though this looks simple, instead of using a separate window for Google Wave you can just look at your Waves very easily. You need to provide your Google Login and Password for the add-on. You can also set the time interval to check the waves.

Google Wave Notifier has been tested and works with Firefox 3.x.x but not version 3.7a1pre. This notifier is for regular Google Wave accounts and will not work with Sandbox accounts.

Download Google Wave Add-on for Firefox v0.0.1

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