Facebook Takes Over Display Ads from Microsoft, Strengthens Bing-Facebook Search Integration

Written By Sam on 7 February 2010

Facebook, the most popular social networking website is enhancing its web search with Bing, the Microsoft’s search engine. Bing, which implements searching techniques utilizing information available in Facebook’s social graph, is certain to provide improved search results with more compelling experiences to the Facebook users. Along with the implementation of Bing, Facebook is set to display advertisements on its own site where-in Microsoft will continue to provide search advertisements to Facebook.

Exclusively powerful Bing-Facebook integration will extended to all the 400 million Facebook users around the world and all the Facebook users can rejoice full access to great Bing features including richer answers and combined tools that would enable them to take smart decisions quickly. Though we are sure that Facebook will integrate Microsoft’s Bing to search, but we have to wait and watch how well this enhanced search engine will be implemented and the way it will impress Facebook users like me!

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  1. Muthu says:

    Major search engines trying to renovate their search results with social network live updates.

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