Bing Double Saving Days Cashback Offers Gives You Discounts Upto 50%

Written By Sam on 13 August 2009

In this back to school season Bing is giving great deals on the products which you want to shop from the stores that you trust and that you know. Bing is giving cashback offers up to 50%. On Bing Double saving days you get more discounts. Double saving days are a Bing cashback promotion where the amount of cashback offered by most stores will be doubled and you can get up to a total cashback reward of 50% for a limited time.


How Bing Cashback works

Search: By using bing search for cashback deals you can get great deals. You can click a cashback listing and find great deals on the products you want. Your results list the cashback savings that you will receive off the store price and your bottomline price also.

Shop: You can compare and sort all the products by the bottomline price. You can click the best deal to go to the particular store. While making a purchase, if the cashback symbol is not seen then don’t worry, bing will mail your purchase to confirm your cashback. Users who are using Bing for the first time will be asked for the mail address and the details about the free cashback account are mailed.

Save: Every time you make a purchase, it will be sent to your mail to confirm your bing cashback savings. 60 days after the purchase you can request your cashback with atleast $5 in your cashback account.


In may 2008, Bing cashback was first launched as Live Search Cashback. To find the cheapest store, the service helps the users to use Microsoft search engine and then it receives a portion of the purchase price back from Microsoft. Here’s a brief list of some of the better finds for Microsoft’s big “Cashback doubled!” promotion.

eBags: 22 – 40 percent cashback.
Overstock: 20% cashback.
TigerDirect: 12.5% cashback. 25% cashback.

Here’s a sampling of other stores which offers huge cashback refunds in general. These are searchable via the main Cashback store listing: 50%
Eastbay: 50%
FTD Flowers: 40-50%
SurplusMags: 40%
Foot Locker: 40%
Sears: 4 – 32 %
Virtual Exchanges: 30-50 %
HP Direct: 15% cashback 34 – 40%
The Knot: 24 – 50%
RadTech: 40 – 50%

4 Responses to “Bing Double Saving Days Cashback Offers Gives You Discounts Upto 50%”

  1. Richard says:

    Bing may be offering some cool cashback offers. But, there are websites like, which offers you the same great brands at the lowest online prices because advertisers are not selected because of their ability to pay, but the value they offer to you.


  2. Neo says:

    In order to get BING cashback, should I check out via Paypal or the store’s own checkout system?
    Does it matter?
    Bing gives a range (say 10%-20%) of cashback for stores. How do I find out the exact % I could get for one particular purchase?


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