Bing Visual Search Makes Your Search Easy and Better With Image Galleries

Written By Sam on 15 September 2009

Your online visual search is made very easy with Microsoft’s new launch of Visual Search for Bing. Using this fantastic feature you can search with photos. If you forgotten the film and know only the actor name, its okay you can find the film from the picture shown by the Bing search result. Microsoft, the giant company conducted a survey which shows that people can process the results 20% faster with images when compared to text. So it is sure that this Visual Search will create a twist in web searching option. Microsoft proudly launched its New Bing’s Visual Search as a beta at TechCrunch50.


Bing Visual Search is currently limited to US so if you are using it on the other parts of the world just head over to and set your country as United States and enjoy the visual search feature of Bing. Alternatively you can append the url with “?cc=us”( to enjoy Bing Visual Search.

Visual Search features thousands of search interrogations categorized into a handfull of picture galleries and presents the wanted data in a way that is really a visual treat. This Bing’s new product gives you the result in very structured way. It is very simple to use Bing Visual Search. Just go to and install Silverlight(If you do not have it already.) then you system is ready to the visual treat. Now consider if you are search for a movie with the actor name, just click the actor’s name and scroll down the result to find the particular movie picture. When you got that just click on it you can find the full details about the movie and the website where it is located. It is a time saving search engine. You can use Bing Visual Search to search Products, Books, Cars, Digital Cameras and many more.


Hands on With Bing Visual Search

Now we will see more details of this feature and for what we can use this feature. As it has only few amount of Visual Search Galleries we need to wait for some time for Microsoft to compile more. Compiling the details with structured content and the relevant pictures is done manually so it takes some time to cover all the fields. The data sources for each image can be found at the bottom right hand corner of the page. Microsoft says that at present it has 49 galleries ready, but is a growing number. When you hover your mouse over an image the search term is filled in the search field and other details are shown below the ssearch bar.

Lets us have some examples of Bing’s visual search galleries

Product – Visual search helps you to look at the product which gives you a clear idea about it before buying it. It is like an online catalog and you can search from cosmetics to laptops. Before buying a Laptop you can actually take a look at it visually and then search for the actual product.
Books – You really love books when you search in this feature. You will get a clear and narrow result and also it very easy for you find the exact book from the gallery.
Mobiles – The best thing I liked is the Visual Search for Mobiles. With Bing Visual Search for mobiles you can search and sort the results by brand, Bing popularity and contract price. You can even narrow your search based on brand, carrier, form factor, features and more.

When it comes to entertainment you can find most of the popular actors and actresses. About 100 heroes and villains Film legends, Billboard’s past songs, Billboard’s past albums, Famous movies, Movies nowrunning, Popular celebrities, Popular TV shows, Popular DVDs, Top albums, and what else you needed. Everything is here just experience this Visual search. You will Love it!

Complete List of Galleries at Bing Visual Search

Digital cameras, Dog breeds, Movies in theaters, New cars, NFL players, Popular books, Popular celebrities, Popular TV shows, Top songs, U.S. politicians, 100 heroes and villains, Billboard’s past albums, Billboard’s past songs, Cell phones, FBI’s most wanted, Film legends, Greatest movies, Handbags, HDTVs, MLB players, MLB teams, NASCAR drivers, NBA players, NBA teams, NFL teams, NHL players, NHL teams, Periodic table, Portable GPS, Pulitzer winning fiction, Top albums, Top iPhone apps, Travel destinations, U.S. presidents, U.S. states, U.S. vice presidents, UFC fighters, World leaders and Yoga poses.

My final thought is that the installation of Silverlight 3.0, may be a small problem with many users unless they feel that they really require it. But as Visual Search for Bing is still in beta stage, we can expect a lot of things to come on to the stage in the coming versions.

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