Download & Read Bing Product Guidelines PDF to Implement Bing in Your Environment

Written By Sam on 11 August 2009

Now you can use the Bing Product Guidelines if you are looking to implement Bing branding into your own environments. Microsoft Bing product guidelines document provides visual guidelines and recommendations to implement the branding of Bing for third parties. All these guidelines will definitely help will help you to increase the user experience with the Bing product brand experience into your environment.

Bing Product Guidelines essentially consists of Bing branding guidelines, Bing searchbox guidelines for third party (web), UI guidelines for using Bing brand fonts, information about product colors and elements for Bing search UI, Editorial style, Approach to UI error messages, Overview of China Transliterated Logo(applies to China only) and many more.


You can use either the Bing text with trademark or Bing logo – full color or reverse, two kinds of Bing brand signatures, in your environment. It also explains about the usage of full-color and reverse full-color versions of the Bing logo, Bing Text Elements, Bing Logo Orientation and Bing Logo Minimum Size.

To use the Bing logo brand signature you need to first get a written permission from Microsoft, as well as the approval from the Legal and Corporate Affairs (LCA) department.

Download Bing Product Guidelines PDF

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