How to Install Mac App Store and Purchase Apps From Mac App Store

Written By Sam on 9 January 2011

Apple, the giant consumer electronics company has released its popular App Store for the much powerful Mac computers. Getting App Store for Mac computer is a simple process and once installed, you can browse, purchase and install various apps and products at an ease. This exclusive Mac app store includes a variety of applications, thus doubling the performance of Mac computers and enhancing the end user experience.

For installation of the Apple App Store, your Mac computer will need few specifications. Basic requirements include a Mac computer with an Intel Processor, updated version of Mac OS X Snow Leopard software, Internet access and an Apple ID or iTunes or MobileMe account. Once your Mac computer meets all the requirements, you can install and utilise the App Store by following instructions of installation.

Installation and Usage of App store on Mac

  • Open the Apple menu and choose Software Update option present in the top-left corner of your screen.
  • Using the instructions provided for downloading the latest Mac OS X update, this update includes the Mac App Store.
  • Once the software is successfully updated, go to Apple Menu, choose App Store option for accessing Mac app store on your computer. You will now be provided with Mac app store that lets you browse and purchase applications of your choice for your Mac computer.

This App store not only lets you purchase and download apps directly to your Mac computer, but also allows you to use an existing credit balance of your iTunes Store account for paying the price. Sharing the balance of your account across the iTunes Store and Mac App Store makes it even more flexible and convenient to use. Purchasing application from the Mac app store is quite simple too.

  • All you have to do is click “App Store” option to launch Mac app store on your computer and browse through the various categories available.
  • You can even search your required application through the search box available on the right side of the App Store.
  • After selecting the application to download, click on the Buy button to purchase it.
  • Provide your Apple ID when prompted and watch the application being downloaded onto your Mac Computer.

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