Purchase Facebook Credits for Farmville, Fishville and Mafia Wars With PayPal

Written By Sam on 22 February 2010

Popular social networking site, Facebook has tied up with PayPal for advertising and developer systems that enable users to purchase virtual items that can be used in their world of gaming. Acting as a common payment bridge between Facebook-Advertisers and the Facebook-Users, PayPal is set to introduce new ways of payment for “Facebook Ads and Facebook Credits”.

In this strategic relationship with PayPal, Facebook will soon implement a new feature called Facebook credits for all the game enthusiasts of Facebook, who can now rejoice playing the games by buying more virtual items through PayPal that can be utilized whist playing these games. As per the reports, all the popular games of FB such as Farmville, Fishville, and Mafia Wars will include this feature very soon. Though Paypal had problems with RBI, implementation of this feature is not only a boon to many of the advertisers who can buy ads but also a profit maker to Facebook which would be making significant money from these advertisements and the applications. Financial Experts predict that with implementation of this feature that enables micro payments, ad spending on Facebook may raise up to $605 million.

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