Microsoft Launches Bing Rewards Loyalty Program To Earn Redeemable Credits

Written By Sam on 23 September 2010

Microsoft has rolled out its Bing Rewards Preview (beta) in the US. Bing Rewards is a new loyalty program that gives users opportunities to earn credits — redeemable for rewards — for searching and exploring online. Until October 2, you can earn one credit for every five Bing searches, and up to eight credits per day. If you wish to avail of the offer, you need to have these essential pre-requisites – you need to be on a Windows machine with Internet Explorer, have a Windows Live ID and ensure you have the Bing Bar toolbar installed. To start off, you get 250 credits for signing up and keep adding to it as you conduct searches or perform other desired Bing actions.

The company has informed that while you can redeem credits for some “cool stuff,” you can also use your earned credits to “give back” and donate your credits to education charities. You can go to the Rewards redemption center and check how well you have fared. This is also where you can redeem your credits for a selection of rewards including Microsoft Points (rejoice Xbox, Zune, and Games for Windows users) besides charitable donations and gift cards.

The credit program may not be enticing enough for serious surfers, but reports suggest it is meant to be a promotional exercise aimed at getting casual Bing users to explore the toolbar more. The company hopes its “unobtrusive” push suggestions and messages on Bing features will help create a mood of interaction and possibly gain new users over through Bing Rewards.

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