Facebook Games to Sport Big UI Changes, New Policies and Less Spam

Written By Sam on 22 September 2010

Facebook is the most popular social networking sites that has more than 500 millions users amongst which 200 million people regularly playing games on it. And the big news is Facebook games will soon become more fun oriented for gamers and less spammy for non-gamers as Facebook announced interesting updates in its big Facebook Games event.

Updated Facebook will include a sidebar navigation bar that includes more relevant and most commonly used applications in order to help you access them at an ease. Though, not game specific, this sidebar places all the games you play on the top of the list followed by the other applications. In case, you are not using them, this sidebar allows you to sort them down below the “more” fold.

Being less spammy, Facebook now provides a persuasive way to notify you about the new games. You will get notifications indicating the games, which you friends are playing, the best part being you get them only if you are actually playing games and fortunately, you can hide these too. All the game invitations can now be lumped into one badge and you do not need to individually respond to every one, which is pretty cool. Applications with new events will have a blue icon next to their names, which help you identify the recent updates quickly.

Looks like Facebook has removed all the annoying policies to entice all the developers and people feed up of repeated messages and action items. we really have to wait and see how these updates actual work out!

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