Download Skyfire 2.2 For Android Mobiles

Written By Sam on 20 July 2010

You can now download the beta version of the Skyfire 2.2 for Android Mobile. Skyfire 2.2 has been incorporated with many improvements when compared to the previous version. The new version comes with enhancements which are related to Android 2.2 FroYo platform. Further you can also find improvements which are related to Flash 10.1.

Skyfire 2.2 for Android comes with following new features

  • GeoLocation Support – Now Skyfire will support the HTML5 GeoLocation feature. So going forward, Google and other web pages using location feature will be working completely.
  • Vertical Search Results – Skyfire offers many search results like Google, Videos, Trends, Twitter and Amazon, they have plans to include more providers from time to time based on users feedback
  • Set as Default Browser – Users can set default browser option within Skyfire for Android 1.5 to 2.1, this option is not available with Android 2.2.

Other improvements are, in Skyfire 2.2 the video start sequence has been upgraded along with Pinch to Zoom for HTC devices. Also this version comes with fixes for crash and force related issues. However all the issues related to the browser has not been fixed and even now Hulu does not work. The company says that Rights have not been provided to Hulu to support content for mobile devices that why it’s blocking Skyfire. Another issue with the browser is to find videos and 25% stuck issues. To support videos from millions of website is not a simple task, hence they say that they are trying to get better and are able to support 100,000 websites and even more. You can download Skyfire 2.2 from Android Market.

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