SkyFire brings Flash to the iPhone and iPad; Does Not Render Hulu Videos and Flash Games

Written By Sam on 3 November 2010

iPhone and iPad users finally get to use Adobe’s Flash on their iDevices as the SkyFire browser has been approved to run on the iOS. SkyFire already runs its browsers on the Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile operating systems and finally land the deal with Apple as well.

This opens up a whole new range of possibilities for Apple device owners as SkyFire is known for its brilliant Flash-to-HTML5 support. SkyFire 2.0 will be available for download from the Apple Store later in this week at $2.99 and is the first of its kind that Apple has allowed into its circle of browser applications.

Apple’s displeasure about memory issues that Flash content (typically videos) creates have been sorted out as SkyFire downloads Flash content, then translates and renders the videos in HTML5 format which completely suits the iOS based devices. It also prevents trashing the battery life of the iDevice.

However, SkyFire will not be able to work on every site. Hulu videos and Flash games are outside its conversion and rendering periphery. You do have an option of accessing Hulu videos by buying their Hulu Plus pack for $10 a month.

Skyfire 2.0 for iPhone Features

  • Vibrant Video- watch videos, including Flash, while browsing your favorite sites
  • Explore Related – find related content & media to the page you’re browsing
  • User Agent Switching- load pages for either mobile or desktop
  • Private Browsing- keeps your browsing private, with no data trail
  • Adaptive streaming technology ensures optimal utilization of network and processor bandwidth (preserves battery life)
  • Sharing to Facebook and Twitter – it’s simple!
  • Facebook Quickview – Check your Facebook News/Wall without opening another app or page
  • Intuitive and finger friendly user interface for easy browsing experience
  • Load full desktop webpages on your mobile device
  • Multi-tab browsing – open up to eight windows and browse simultaneously

SkyFire For iPhone

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