Flash Coming to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch via SkyFire Browser! Will Apple Approve SkyFire?

Written By Sam on 3 September 2010

Apple users can now rejoice Abode Flash (though not conventional) as SkyFire has enabled its browser with Flash elements for iPhones. SkyFire Mobile browser application has been submitted to App Store and with its enticing features it is sure to get approved (?).

Implementing flash elements, SkyFire is a Flash-capable browser that does work even with the iPhones which are not Jailbroken. Using back-end compression technology, this browser delivers websites in a bandwidth-friendly way as well as the flash content on the go for the mobile handsets.

According to the experts, Flash rendering in SkyFire is much superior to official Flash Player 10.1 on Motorola Droid and is really worth trying. Supporting HTML 5, SkyFire will hopefully bridge the gap between accessing millions of previously unavailable videos. As per SkyFire, the flash technology implemented will likely be optimistic for iPhones and AT&T would be the most preferrable carrier, as it would limit the network load. Will Apple approve SkyFire like the Opera Mini for iPhone, is something we have to wait and see!

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