Enhance Your Linux Desktop With Mini-Apps Using Screenlets

Written By Sam on 14 June 2009

Are you getting bored with the same wallpapers and themes? Do you want to make your Desktop more functional? Then here is a very good solution called “Screenlets”. Screenlets are small owner-drawn applications which are written in Python that can be used to virtually represent gadgets on your desktop. You can have Gadgets/Widgets like sticknotes, clocks, rulers, calendars etc. I tried it on my Ubuntu Machine and its working well. I can see that all the other Linux Users can also download and install it pretty easily.


Screenlets has got a clean interface which contains most of its options in a single window. It contains a handy search on the left side which allows you to easily and quickly sort large default collection. Just below that, you can find all the main functions like Launch/Add, Install, Uninstall, Reset Config, Install New Theme, Re-Start All, Close All, Create Desktop Shortcut and many more. You can even filter the screenlets according to your interests. There are Hundreds of Screenlets available and you can filter them according to your needs. You can open the Screenlets Manager, look through the options and then customize it. You can place a screenlet on the desktop by just double clicking on it. You can check the start/stop button for the Screenlet to appear/disappear.

Screenlets can be treated as a widget and you can lock the position, choose the order, show control buttons, resize them and do lot more. You can move a Screenlet wherever you want by dragging it and you can choose the properties also. Widget Layer is an interesting option, by combining different settings, you can make most of the important Screenlets appear on the desktop while keeping the other Screenlets on Widget Layer.


Well some of the Screenlets include

Clock: This displays the time in analog skin and also provides an alarm function with different time zone options. While setting the alarm, you can even select the length of the ring.

Control: it incorporates your entire Screenlet collection for starting new ones and also provides universally applicable Screenlet options like “All to Widget Layer” or “All Keep Below”.

Search: Through many popular search engines you can search for data.

MailCheck: You can connect to POP3 and IMAP server which alerts you when you get a mail in your Inbox.

YouTube: Without opening the browser, you can search and watch videos on a small window. This Screenlet is too good for me as I watch lots of YouTube videos everyday.

There are also many other Screenlets like – RssScreenlet, GmailScreenlet, RadioScreenlet, SlideshowScreenlet, PicframeScreenlet etc.

Features of Screenlets

  • Easy to use and develop.
  • Load web apps just like Mozilla Prism.
  • Works with any composited X desktop (compiz, xfce4).
  • Free, open-source and released under the GPL.
  • Uses cairo and GTK2 for drawing and windowing.

Download Screenlets

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    But screenlets are very buggy!

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