Use TestTube Tools to Create Better Youtube Videos

Written By Sam on 9 May 2009

Today evening I was exploring Youtube and came across TestTube. TestTube is nothing but YouTube’s area for experimental tools that are still in development. You can use any of the tools and give your feedback to Google on how well they work. Currently at TestTube there are tools like CaptionTube, Video Annotations, Active Sharing, Warp and Streams.



With the help of captiontube you can easily add captions and subtitles to your YouTube videos with the interactive caption editor. After you import your video, you can play the video and add captions as needed. When you are done you can export the captions and then upload them to YouTube.

Video Annotations

With Video Annotations you can add interactive commentary to your Youtube videos. You can add background information, create stories, link to related YouTube videos, channels, or search results, add notes and more. You can easily control the annotations by specifying when and where they appear.


You can use the warp player to browse YouTube videos in the fullscreen player in visual mode. When you hover your mouse on a video all the related videos appear near it. Though warp player is not really very useful it looks pretty good.

Active Sharing

You can use the Active Sharing tool to show other YouTube users what videos you’re watching. When you start Active Sharing, your username will appear to other users on the videos you are watching. A list of videos you have watched recently will also appear on your profile page.


With streams you can create a YouTube room to watch and interact with other users while sharing videos. Every user in the streams room can add videos from their Favorites, Quicklist or by pasting in links and make a running commentary as the videos play.

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