Easily Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 With YouTubeMP3

Written By Sam on 6 November 2011

There may be times when you want to extract MP3 audio track from your favorite videos and upload them to your audio players or set them as ringtones. The first option that you would be thinking about is to download some software that allows you to extract the MP3 audio from your favorite videos. But it is really a very tough task to find a reliable and safe software that helps you to extract MP3 audio from video files. Though you get a good software, you need to find your favorite video on the Internet, download it to your computer and use the software to extract the audio. But now with the help of a simple website you can do all these things in just few seconds. YouTubeMP3.tv allows you to extract MP3 audio track from your favorite videos with just few clicks.

YouTubeMP3 is an advanced YouTube to MP3 converter that allows you to convert and download YouTube videos free of charge. So instead of purchasing those heavily priced software, installing them on your computer, searching your favorite videos and then converting to MP3, you can make use of YouTubeMP3 to quickly convert your favorite videos to MP3. With YouTubeMP3 all you have to do is, just search for your favorite videos and convert them to MP3 audio. YouTubeMP3 gives you the option of converting YouTube videos to MP3 in ‘Normal Quality’ and also ‘High Quality’.

The best thing I liked about YouTubeMP3 is that the website is Ad free and is very easy to use. Once you search for your favorite video you get an option for ‘Normal Quality MP3 Download’ and ‘High Quality MP3 Download’. Apart from that you also have an ‘Advanced Download’ option that allows you to choose the start and end time for your MP3 download. There is also an option to download the YouTube video to your computer. The other good things with YouTubeMP3 is that you have an option to get extensions for Firefox and Chrome that makes your task more easy. So if you are looking to convert YouTube videos to MP3 then do check out YouTubeMP3.tv.

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