Access Web Apps From Your Desktop With Prism From Mozilla Labs

Written By Sam on 11 May 2009

Prism is a project from Mozilla Labs which will help you to run your favorite web applications like Gmail, Facebook, Google Docs etc directly on your desktop. Prism is available as a standalone application for Windows and MAC as well as a Firefox extension. With Prism you can access web apps directly from your system taskbar or dock. So instead of relying on your web browser you can create a separate application for your favorite web apps like Flickr, Google Calendar, Gmail, Facebook etc.


I tried creating a desktop application for Twitter with the help of prism and it went pretty good. So instead of using my browser everytime I can use the newly created twitter application. You can use Prism to run web apps away from the browser thus protecting them browser crashes and restarts. The latest version has got the ability to set fonts, proxy settings and other application-specific settings, clear private data on demand, tray icon support and submenus for dock and system tray menus.

With Prism you can create multiple applications and start them automatically when your computer starts. You can also configure your Prism apps to minimize to the system tray on Windows. You can even have Popup alerts, System tray icon and dock badges.

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