How to Turn Off Facebook’s Facial Recognition; Feature Tags Photos by Default

Written By Sam on 10 June 2011

Facebook has yet to steer clear of privacy issues. We are referring to fresh reports where the social networking site’s latest facial recognition system is being questioned for compromising user’s data. How? Well, the new system essentially offers users the option to ‘tag’ names of friends. Once names are tagged in a photo, Facebook reportedly uses its facial recognition technology to ‘group’ similar faces; and even suggests the friend a user should tag them with. Of course, it is intrusive. And what has irked some users is the fact that the feature, already rolled out in Europe, comes activated with the default setting.

Facebook does give you the option to turn off the controversial system. But some still believe the social network site is being audacious in promoting this intrusive feature to unassuming users who use the site with the default settings. Clearly, the site has once again trampled on the concerns on privacy that are being looked into even by high-profile data-protection regulators, including that of the European Union, besides being feverishly pursued by online forums.

If you haven’t turned off that face recognition system yet, and want to, here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to the privacy settings of your Facebook account.
  • Head to ‘Customize’.
  • Scroll down till you find ‘Things others share’.
  • You will find a ‘Suggest photos of me to friends’ area; edit it accordingly.

Agreed, turning off the system isn’t rocket science. What is strange though is the fact that Facebook has not stopped coming up with such features that users find intrusive, and it has ceased to be funny now.

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