Facebook Supports OpenID – Use Your Gmail Account for Login

Written By Sam on 19 May 2009

Today Facebook has officially become an OpenID relying party. Facebook will become the biggest example of social network which allows the users to log-in with OpenID credentials granted to them by other company websites. From the last month everyone was waiting for this step.


Now, once when the Facebook account is linked with Gmail address or OpenID URL users will be automatically logged in to Facebook after having logged in into that service. It is said that Users who register through OpenID will get engaged with Facebook more quickly than others. Which means that it will have fewer passwords to remember. The simplest benefit here is Single Sign On to your OpenID supporting account. Existing users can also change their account settings by choosing an account in the linked accounts section. Contact lists can also be retrieved from the original account to the Facebook account.

So if you are still not using Facebook, you can register for Facebook using your Gmail account. This is a quicker, more streamlined way for new users to register for the site, find friends, and start exploring.

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