Oversight or Deliberate? Gmail Contact Imports From Friend Finder Ends at Facebook

Written By Sam on 23 November 2010

Google and Facebook have millions of followers and till now it was a happy situation with Facebook users being able to send invites to Gmail and google account holders from their Friend Finder Feature. This was indeed a truly user-friendly feature in regular use by millions to invite not just Google account holders but also from Yahoo!, Skype, AOL, MSN and others.

It is no secret that for some time relations between Google and Facebook have not been quite as cordial and hunky dory as one would have wanted them to be. There are hints they may be covertly severing links with each other and drift apart into their own individual channels. One of the most obvious indicators of this could be that Facebook no longer supports this easy to use Friend Finder feature for Gmail and Google account holders. Friend finder enables Facebook registered user to add friends from Yahoo, Hotmail, Skype and other services but recently the Google feature seems to have disappeared. Is it an oversight or a deliberate action?

Can Facebook users hope these two giants will patch up and the connection will be restored sometime in the future or is it a feature of Facebook life they will have to learn to live with?

Of course there is a work around. On the Facebook Homepage there is a “Get Connected” section. Users can navigate to this section and click the “Invite them now” link to add Gmail contacts.

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