Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook – Use Outlook 2007 & 2003 With Google Apps

Written By Sam on 10 June 2009

Google is excited to remove key barriers to enterprise adoption of Google Apps with Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook. You can now use Microsoft Outlook seamlessly with Google Apps Premier or Education Editions with the help of Google Apps Sync plugin for Microsoft Outlook. Google, Gmail interface and others products are being used by many of the Business users. Even many small businesses and bloggers love to use Google Apps. Google Apps Sync for Outlook has been developed for all these users. The users of Outlook can connect to Google Apps for Business e-mail’s, contacts and calendar and moreover the users can use Gmail’s web interface to access their information when they are away from their system. Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook allows its users to use Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2003 effectively with Google Apps.


Features of Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook

  • Synchronization of Email, Contacts and Calendar. For email, the Gmail Protocol is being used by the plug-in which is much faster than IMAP.
  • Free/Busy lookup and Global Address list Functionality, with which the scheduling of meetings can be easy, regardless of whether Outlook’s calendar or Google Calendar is used or not.
  • A simple two-click data migration tool allows the employees to easily copy existing data from Exchange or Outlook into Google Apps.

So if you are using Google Apps Premier or Education Edition, go ahead and give the plug-in a try.

Download Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook

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