Backup Your Outlook Data With Personal Folders Backup

Written By Sam on 24 May 2009

Today I was looking for a tool to backup personal folders in my Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 and found Personal Folders Backup utility from Microsoft The Folders Backup helps Outlook users to backup .PST files at regular intervals. Backing up your Microsoft Outlook information become quick and easy with the Personal Folders backup feature.


The Personal Folders Backup download helps in creating backup copies of your Microsoft Outlook information in a quicker and easier way. Personal Folders Backup works with Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, Microsoft Outlook 2003 and Microsoft Outlook 2002. You can choose which .PST files to back up and at what intervals. Each .PST file contain all the Outlook folders which includes your Inbox, Calendar and Contacts. Just install Personal Folders Backup(pfbackup.exe) and choose Backup from the file menu in Outlook to take a backup of your .PST files.

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