Add Missing Features to Outlook 2007 With Outlook 2007 Essentials

Written By Sam on 26 May 2009

Email is one of the most important means of communication and Microsoft Outlook is the client of choice for around 400 million computer users worldwide. If you feel that Outlook is missing is some important things then you can try out Outlook 2007 Essentials. Outlook 2007 Essentials is a FREE and simple add-on pack for Microsoft Outlook 2007 which will alert you of missing attachments and subject lines.


Features added by Outlook 2007 Essentials to your Outlook 2007

Missing Attachment Check: This feature checks for the missing attachments in your email. Generally we do mention in our emails saying ‘Please find the file attached’ and often we forget to attach the file. Outlook 2007 Essentials will check for the words like ‘Attach’, ‘Attachment’ etc and alerts you when you forget to attach the file(Very useful for people like me!).

Blank Subject Line Check: whenever you forget to mention the subject in the email then you will get a message saying that Subject line is empty.

Printing only the selected part of mail: The this feature allows you to print only that part of the mail that you are interested in. You can just right click on the mail and print it from the ‘Outlook Essentials Viewer’.

Requires Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5, Outlook 2007 and works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

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  1. Phil says:

    Brilliantly Simple and Useful! MS Should have already had this as part of Outlook…

    German version available now:

    German Version with option for Custom Words. Supports German umlauts & Eszett.

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