BSNL Introduces Activation of Voice STV/Boosters through SMS [SMS Based Plan Migration and Tariff Change]

Written By Sam on 28 February 2011

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd of India has again proved its superiority amongst various telecom operation, by introducing its SMS based STV/Booster activation and recharge for all the handsets supporting GSM frequencies. As per reports, these SMS based tariff recharging and Plan migration facilities are first launched in Tamilnadu telecom zone and might soon be available to others as well.

Making things simpler, BSNL’s new plan will enable users to recharge or activate their STV/Boosters without actually going to the retailers or BSNL outlets. BSNL is now offering several boosters that can be activated through SMS, some of these include STV 45(Vinadi), STV 49(all@49), STV 300, STV 99 and STV 151 ( unlimited voice local and STD on net). However all these have a limited validity period and have different slabs of amount to be paid for activation.

For example, to activate the “Unlimited Voice Local and STD on Net” for 30 days all you have to do is just send an SMS “VOICE501” ( without quotes) to 53733 (Toll free) where BSNL would enable the required services to your account after checking whether you have eligible balance or not. If you do not have sufficient balance, you will be intimidated by a failure message from BSNL and in case you have sufficient amount the opted services will be activated. Remember that you will have to maintain a minimum balance of Rs. 20/- along with the required booster amount for activation of any service. Currently this service is only available in Tamilnadu, and we expect it hit other regions very soon!

The Procedure of implementation for the activation of voice boosters through SMS

  1. For the activation of voice boosters through SMS, minimum balance should be kept is Rs.20/-
  2. For activating the Voice Booster, the customer should send SMS to 53733 with the appropriate key word – for example “VOICExx”.
  3. On receipt of the SMS , reply will be sent to the customer from 53733 that “Your request for VOICE booster xx is received. Pl wait for confirmation SMS.
  4. On receipt of the SMS, availability of the eligible balance is checked and if there is enough balance, the service can be activated and the following message will be sent to the customer. Dear Customer, Your VOICExx Request is accepted. Your account balance is YYY and Booster account validity zzz –BSNL
  5. If sufficient amount (i.e. amount to be deducted by IN +Rs.20/-) is not available in his account, the service cannot be activated and the customer will be informed as Dear Customer, Your VOICExx Request is rejected due to insufficient balance. Kindly recharge your account and try again –BSNL
  6. If the customer opts for a voice booster which is not applicable to his current plan, the service cannot be activated and the customer will be informed as Dear Customer, Your VOICExx Request is rejected as your plan is not eligible to avail this booster –BSNL.

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