Exclusive Discounts for Software Products and Mobile Applications on Softbuy

Written By Sam on 26 February 2011

Softbuy.com, a a branch of the popular website Brothersoft.com is now set to enthrall every one worldwide by offering exclusive discounts on various popular as well as helpful software and applications. Offering daily deals of best software, this site also adds surprises to every calendar by providing most-popular lists of software, mobile applications and games for very huge discounts.

Buying software and applications through Softbuy.com is very simple. You have a Active deals tab, where you can see the status of the deal and the number of the people who bought it and the offering price of the software. All you have to do is click on the “Buy” and follow the instructions to purchase the product. You can pay via PayPal and if there are minimum number of people signed in, you will be provided with an activation code which can be viewed from your softbuy account. In case, you do not have sufficient people to join, then no one will get the product and everyone will be reimbursed back.

All the software offered are genuine and are previewed by special customer service team says the sources from Softbuy.com. Software being offered in this site include professional editions of 4Media ISO Burn, PC Booster, VideoBooth and many more that will be available for purchase at a minimal cost ranging from $2 to $5, which would otherwise cost you around $30 to $40. These discount offers are very worthy, in case you are purchasing them on bulk. So invite your friends, make a purchase together and avail better discounts and world’s best deals!

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