Kno Tablet Aimed at Educational Market, To Ship by End of December in Limited Quantities

Written By Sam on 10 November 2010

Making an entry into the tablet market and targeting the student customer segment, Kno has announced that it will be offering the 14.1-inch Kno Tablet before the end of this year in 10 US campuses. The device is being built by a Chinese company called Foxconn. The Silicon valley company did not divulge details about how many tablets it was going to issue, though it did say that the number would be in thousands.

The tablets are limited in number and pre-orders have started. The devices will be delivered by the end of December. But the picture still sketchy and the company has not named the 10 colleges where the tablets are being offered to students, hence interested buyers should first make a check on whether they qualify the list before placing the order.

The tablets are being offered in two forms – the single screen display model will be for $599 and the dual screen version for $899.

The prices did come as a bit of a surprise compared to other tablet devices as well as considering the fact that they are for the student market. But the company makes its stand clear by pointing that this device is targeting the higher education market and not as a budget gadget. The company is also adopting a focused approach and will use online as well as offline marketing methods to promote the product to the target consumer. Not to mention that the increasingly competitive market with players like Apple, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Dell and others will make their task more tricky.

However, the company did conduct some rounds of tests with students and claims to have received positive feedback before they planned the production and roll out; and hence, seem confident of the product becoming a success.

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