Tata DOCOMO Mobile Number Portability (MNP) – Why Choose Tata DOCOMO?

Written By Sam on 18 January 2011

Mobile Number Portability or MNP is the process by which, you can change to a different operator of your choice, but retain your old number. So when you wish to change your network instead of taking a new SIM and changing your number, with MNP you can keep your old number yet try out a new service provider. In India MNP will be starting from Jan 20 and many operators are attracting users with fabulous offers. One of the new entrant into the Indian market, Tata DOCOMO is advertising their network with – “Break free from unfair bills, hidden charges, misleading offers and unresponsive customer service”.

Why Choose Tata DOCOMO

Responsive Customer Care: Instead of going through all the IVRS instructions, with Tata DOCOMO, you can just press *9 to speak to them anytime during your call. Moreover there are situations where Tata DOCOMO is using social media networks like Twitter and Facebook to solve the issues.

Affordable Plans: Tata DOCOMO provides you a bill guarantee for accuracy and they take a penalty on themselves if failed to provide your bills on time. The other best thing is they offer to reverse all charges of Call me tunes if you are not satisfied within 48 hours. Moreover with Tata DOCOMO you pay 1p/sec on local, STD, ISD or Roaming without buying any packs.

Innovative Services: Tata DOCOMO has got many innovative services to cater different user groups.

  • Pay Per Second – Simply put, pay only for what you use.
  • BuddyNet – Special benefits with Unlimited Buddies because there are no limits to your friends.
  • Daily Plans – Freedom to choose your plans for only one day, because each day is different.
  • My Song – Why listen to someone else’s tune when you call, now listen to your own songs when you call.
  • Pay per Site – Heavy user of only a few sites? Pay for only the ones that you love.

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