Procedure To Change Product Code On Nokia Mobiles Like N97 and 5800

Written By Sam on 14 January 2010

All the Nokia mobiles contains a product code which can be used to identify a device by different applications. These products codes vary according to the region, language and color of the device. For example if you take Nokia 5800 it has got 3 different product codes for India for different colors – 0573797 for Black, 0559961 for Blue and 0559673 for Red. There might be different product codes for 5800 which are manufactured at different time. These product codes are used when you try to update the phone firmware. There may be times when you might want to change the product code of your mobile so that you can get the latest firmware which is currently not available for your product.

Procedure To Change Product Code On Nokia Mobiles Like N97 and 5800

Below is the procedure to change the product code of Nokia mobiles. For example I’ll take my Nokia 5800 which has a product code of “0575590“. I noticed that there is a new firmware update which is not available for my product. So I used “NaviFirm” to get the information about Nokia 5800 product codes that has got the latest firmware upgrade. Then I used “Nemesis Service Suite (NSS)” to change product code of 5800 so that I can upgrade my current firmware. Later I used the same software to change back the product code to the earlier value.

Procedure to Change Nokia Product Code

Download the required applications to change the product code

Nemesis Service Suite (NSS)

Obtaining Nokia Product Code with Latest Firmware Availability Using NaviFirm

The first thing that we have to do is get the product code which enables us to get the latest firmware. Just run “NaviFirm” and select your mobile model from the “Products” Menu. This shows the firmware releases for the current model. Select the latest firmware and you will be shown all the variants that can get the latest firmware update. Note down the product code which is more appropriate for your model.

Obtaining Nokia Product Code with Latest Firmware Availability Using NaviFirm

For example in my case I have a Nokia 5800 and I selected the same from the list. It then showed the latest firmware available for 5800 which is 40.0.5 in this case. Then I selected the latest 5800 firmware to get the device list. As I have got a red color 5800, I noted down the product code for “APAC2 India RED” which is “0559673“.

Changing Nokia Product Code With Nemesis Service Suite (NSS)

  • Connect your Mobile to the PC using a data cable and run Nemesis Service Suite and you will see something similar to the below image. Click on the search icon present on the right top corner.
    Changing Nokia Product Code With Nemesis Service Suite
  • Now your device will be discovered and some information about the same is displayed. Now click on the “Phone Info” button which is shown in the image.
    Change Nokia Product Code
  • Now click on the “Read” button to display all the information about your mobile. Information such as “Product Code”, “HW Version”, “Manufacture Month”, “Order Number”, “Prod Serial Number” are displayed.
    Change Nokia 5800 Product Code
  • Now comes the most important step. Check the “Enabled” check box present after “Product Code” and after that change the value present in the “Product Code” box to the one we have noted down from “NaviFirm”. In my case I changed it to “0559673”. Finally click the “Write” button to change your product code.
    Change Nokia 5800 Product Code With NSS

If you had followed all the steps correctly you will be successful in changing the product code of your Nokia Mobile. Now you can upgrade your firmware happily. Once you have done with upgrading your firmware you can change back the product code to the older value.

Note: Changing the product code will void the warranty of your mobile and if something goes wrong you will brick your Mobile. The article is written just for information purpose and we at TechHail will not be responsible if you damaged your mobile. So use it at your own risk.
[I used it my own risk and successfully updated my mobile to the latest firmware.]

42 Responses to “Procedure To Change Product Code On Nokia Mobiles Like N97 and 5800”

  1. Rod M. Arapan says:

    There’s something missing in the instruction. If you do not turn off the phone after changing the product code, it will still send the old product code to the Nokia server. You have to disconnect the phone from the PC and turn it off and back on then do the update…

  2. Rohit says:

    Hello Samrat,

    Thanks for the nice article.

    I am also planning to change my phone code and update firmware to 40.0.005 but before wanna confirm, If new firmware is working fine with your phone.

    Phone Code : 0575590

    • Samrat P says:

      Glad that you liked the post.. Yeah Rohit the latest firmware update is working fine. I dint face any issues until now. Do remember that changing the firmware code will void the warranty.

  3. hatim says:

    during the reading part in NSS it shows error so wat should i do

  4. nitinsingh says:

    I am also planning to change my phone code .Thanks for the nice article

  5. jp says:

    same thing in error occurs whenever i click the read button.

    • Samrat P says:

      It worked for me for the first time. I had a Windows 7 OS with Nokia PC suite and NSU installed. Probably you can try installing the software again and check it out.

  6. Jonas says:

    Hey, I just did this and changed my product code. the last sentence in your tutorial is “Once you have done with upgrading your firmware you can change back the product code to the older value.”

    now i didnt write down the older value. but i didnt restart my phone yet, is there a way to get the code?

  7. Eric says:

    Thanx a million!!!!!!!!!! Kinetic scroll and new firmware update
    is working. Bad news is I just paid $15 to unlock mp3 ringtones.

  8. Ganow says:

    THE bad news is that my N85'S USB doesnt work !after a charging、it restarted and the usb fell asleep since then …… WAT should i do ?

  9. Ganow says:

    can you email me to 43827500@163.COM,i will be appreciated !thanks a lot !forgive my poor english ,iˉM just learning it ·>_<

  10. Ganow says:

    BRA.can you email me to 43827500@163.COM,i will be appreciated !thanks a lot !forgive my poor english ,iˉM just learning it ·>_<

  11. sonali says:

    hi i have nokia 5800 with prod code 0575590 i changed it to 0559673
    it changed fine
    i tried to update via FOTA
    but still get the same msg that no updates available…
    i really want v40

  12. benette says:

    thanks to your post! it works!

  13. Mike says:

    I changed the code but when I try to update from the phone, I get ” no update available”. I connected the phone back through NSS and it reads the new code. Should I change for another code or I did something wrong? Thanks

  14. Sidney says:

    Do this work with nokia 5800 in the Philippines? I’m from the Philippines and planning to get the latest firmware by changing my product code. I’m afraid that it wouldn’t work … Thanks.

  15. z_boi says:

    Can you put back the original product codes after updating the phone?

  16. ben says:

    i have a 5800 in the british isles do i need change the code for a british isles code? i only ask because v50 is released but i cant get it through any of the normal routes.

  17. Jaden says:

    Thank you man! Didn’t know it was this simple!

    Just changed product code and did a hard reset to prep myself for v50.

    Props from Australia!

  18. PINKEE says:

    hi, I just updated y firmware to v50. can you please help me? it didn’t seem to work. I can’t understand these updates and all. please help me. thanks

  19. ricky says:

    HI I successfully change the phone code and update latest firmware with V5 version. But when I do the same step and write back the code as 0581337, (which is sucessful!). But I cant back to my orginial language! Can you help?

  20. Rohit says:

    hello Samrat,

    can you confirm if firmware v50 is available for nokia 5800 having product id 0575590. i have updated from ota but it has given ‘system error’ after rebooting and biggest problem i am facing is slow auto-rotation screen.

    As u also have same product id. have u faced the same problem with v50 ?


  21. mick says:

    Hi did the product code change no probs, when conecting to pcsuite nokia software updater (current v31.0.101) (available 50.0.005) all fine so far!! when i start download phone switchs off, have to disconnect usb restart phone!!!!!!! this happens over&over again any ideas..thanks.

  22. mick says:

    by the way this is rm-356 blue on Optus Australian, i used product code Apac2 Au blue 0559958 is this the right code? to use for my phone.

  23. Duo Maxwell says:

    thanks for the instruction tech hail, now i have updated my 5800 from v31 to v50, i just used the same code you used since our 5800 are almost the same.. great! im now enjoying those kinetic scrolling!!!

  24. Richard says:

    Hi, I also upgraded to V50, but once every day, the phone shuts down by itself now. I’d like to get back to v40, which was stable. Is there a link somewhere where i can download the old version?

  25. trenton campbell says:

    when using navifirm i see three options for the 5800 under products:

    Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (RM-356)
    Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (RM-427)
    Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (RM-428)

    Would these all be compatable?
    My phone is an RM-428 and I have been trying similar products under RM-356 with no success uploading v50 and was just wondering if this was my problem?

    Thanks everyone for the help

  26. zaven says:

    hey guys i can replace me 0575590 to any code of 5800 na???? means any brirish code??

  27. Yatish says:

    Hi Samrat,
    Really appreciate this article which gives a step-by-step process of upgrading to v50. Read this article and was able to do the upgrade very smoothly without any problems.

    Thanks again.

    Enjoying the new kinetic scrolling, music player etc.

  28. Zubair says:


  29. Rovie says:

    I have version 5.0.005 on my Nokia 5800.
    I wanted to update to 51.0.06.
    I did everything as told and tried several new PC,s , but I cannot update .
    Very disapointed!!

  30. A-Tom says:

    OMG I followed the steps & it really works. I updated my 5800XM version 428 to 51.2.007. If your NSS is having a problem reading your device, try several times by disconnecting & reconnecting. *your phone should be in the PC Suite. THANKS SAMRAT.

  31. Sagar says:


    i tried downloading the navifirm but its not working. some error is coming in the rapidshare. can any body help me to update my nokia 5800 firmware.

    Best wishes

  32. Sagar says:

    Thankfully i downloaded the navifirm but now there is a problem with Nemeisis service suite. its not reading the values.
    it says reading value error!

    Can somebody help me with it?

    Best wishes,

  33. Sagar says:

    hi all

    finally shorted out the problem & updated the firmware, ita awesomeeeeeeeeee


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  35. Kishor says:

    when using navifirm i see three options for the 5800 under products:

    Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (RM-356)
    Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (RM-427)
    Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (RM-428)

    My phone is an RM-356 and Product Code 0573797,Using navifirm Rm-356 is there but Product code -0573797 is not,Please Help me….??


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