Download 4 Free Games For Your Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Mobile

Written By Sam on 13 September 2009

Today I was searching for some games to install in my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Mobile and came across some of them which are simple yet very good. All these games are found on the official Nokia Hongkong website. All these games are touch based and are specially made for the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. So if you are looking for some games for your Nokia 5800, just download them and enjoy!

Sudoku for Nokia 5800


Sudoku – One of the global sensations! It is a very popular number-placement puzzle game among youngsters. Sudoku is mind-challenging game with different levels of difficulties. This game is very easy to learn, yes! no number should be repeated in every column, row or box and region. There is an option called Hint function to assist you to solve the game. Really you will love it!

Download Sudoku for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Mobile

DouDiZhu for Nokia 5800


DouDiZhu is a very famous card game played in China. This game is very interesting, easy-to-learn but you must try hard to be the master of this game. DouDiZhu or fight the Landlord is a bid game with 3 players. The person who proposes more can start the game. At the end of every round, winner can get the bet plus bonus scores. At the same time, losers losses the bet and scores. Players are ranked according to the scores. The game will be over when all the bet is lost. Come on! Fight the Landlord.

Download DouDiZhu for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Classic Mahjong for Nokia 5800


Mahjong is a classic game where player have to eliminate all the pieces from the playing board. In this classic Mahjong, you will play with the other 3 opponent players. In the beginning stage of the game, you will be given 13 pieces of Mahjong and when it comes to your turn, you will receive an extra piece. Play with those 14 pieces of Mahjong and win the game. Just click! Mahjong game is waiting for you!!

Download Mahjong for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Mobile

Big 2 Master for Nokia 5800


Big 2 Master is the most attractive game played using cards. It is a classical Big 2 game where the player will receive 13 cards in each round. The game can be played in certain combination’s. The player, who first plays all the cards, is considered to be the winner. Just play the game and become the Big 2 Master.

Download Big 2 Master for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Mobile

You can download all the above games to your computer and then transfer them to your mobile and install from there or alternatively you can also install them directly using the Nokia PC Suite. If you haven’t installed the PC suite, use your laptop to transfer the files via Bluetooth and then install the games from your mobile directly.

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